Learn More

  1. Step One:

    Contact the Republic Trading Group and speak with one of our experienced brokers.

  2. Step Two

    Complete the appropriate forms to register an account with us. Your personal information will be kept confidential at all times.

  3. Step Three

    Send your payment via wire, credit card (all major card accepted), Automated Clearing House (ACH ) or electronic check (please be sure to provide your account and routing number if you choose this final option).

  4. Step Four:

    Place you order with one of our brokers. Once your payment arrives, your order will be locked in and shipped immediately.

  5. Terms of Sale:

    When you do business with the Republic Mint, your information is private. We will not and will never sell or give your contact or financial information to anyone or any entity.

  6. Return Policy:

    All bullion sales are final once a Republic Mint broker has locked in your order and payment has been received.

  7. Cancellation Policy:

    We allow cancellations with Numismatic or rare coin orders, but they must be done within ten days of the order being shipped.

  8. Shipping:

    The Republic Mint will ship throughout the United States. International shipments will be handled on a case-by-case basis and payment must be completed by wire.

  9. Extremely Rare Coins:

    The Republic Trading Group offers rare investment-grade coins for collectors of all kinds. Our site is updated often to meet the demands and expectations of our clients. Lock down the coins of your choice by contacting a broker and arranging payment.

  10. Patriot Act Compliance

    In 2005, the Patriot Act was expanded to include all precious metal dealers in order to prevent fraudulent transactions and money laundering. The Republic Mint exceeds the requirements set forth by this legislation. Our compliance ensures the protection of our clients and the precious metals industry.