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With high standards placed on integrity, trust and customer service, the Republic Trading Group was formed to be the definitive precious metal dealer to the citizens of the United States. By educating our clients about the precious metals market and how to protect their financial futures through the ownership of these metals, we provide products and services that that will allow you and your family total financial independence and stability.

The road to financial freedom begins with a phone call. Contact the Republic Trading Group to speak with an experienced broker about your options. Whether you're in the know or don't know a thing, we'll be able to assist you in any inquiry.

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Our Financial Services

Portfolio Consulting

The Republic Trading Group is dedicated to educating our clients on the benefits of precious metals ownership and the precious metals industry. Out representatives are well trained and committed to our customers' financial success.

Precious Metals (Coins and Bars)

The Republic Trading Group knows the key to financial independence. If you want total security for your future, you must invest in precious metals. Owning precious metals is the ultimate hedge against inflation and will preserve the purchasing power of your money. We offer gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals in the form of coins, rounds or bars.

IRA and 401K

Preparing for retirement is a priority for every American and the Republic Trading Group is prepared to assist you with your long-term financial security by offering precious metal IRA's. We can assist you in creating a precious metals IRA or by converting your current IRA.

Rare Coin Portfolio Strategies

Whether you're a savvy investor in rare coins or a newcomer wanting to learn the trade, the Republic Trading Group is here to help. We find the rarest and best valued coins, graded by top companies to ensure financial success and appreciation for years to come. Contact us to speak with one of our rare coin specialists and open up a new world of gold and silver ownership!